Room For Ruth


* Offering safe and stable short term shelter to women in need.

* Giving women hope by building a foundation for life based on faith.

* Teaching basic life skills.

* Assisting residents in learning job skills and aquiring employment.

* Opening the door to a new way of life.


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Application for Residency

In order to become a resident for Room For Ruth, each applicant must complete an Application for Residency.

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Room For Ruth

According to the Bible, the name Ruth suggests "friendship". As our name states, in our home we will always have room for friendship. In addition, the Bible story of Ruth reflects how Naomi's life was transformed from despair to fullness. Room For Ruth hopes to provide this same opportunity for transformation to the women who chose to live in our home.


We are a non-profit organization utilizing inter-faith networking for the purpose of providing a temporary home for women seeking a new beginning: ....



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Room For Ruth News

The plight last year of one woman in Fallon who was down on her luck so touched several Fallon women that they will open the doors to a safe house this spring.
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